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Jackson Cropper is a writer and filmmaker from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Firmly rooted in Western and folk imagery, his fictional narrative work reflects middle-American life in vivid, human detail and highlights the mythos of Americana. Focusing on matters regarding socio-ecology and cultural identity, he hopes viewers can gain valuable insight into regional differences, contemplate aspects of rural lifestyle, and connect with flawed, but colorful characters.


His award-winning fictional shorts and documentaries have aired across local and national television and have earned upwards of $5,000 in prize money. 


  • Winner of the Scholastic Arts and Writing Gold Key award for short documentary work Viva La Phil (2016)

  • Short film work featured as an Officially Selected piece for the Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival in 2020

  • Three-time winner of the C-SPAN StudentCam Documentary Competition

                    ($1,500 second-place prize awarded in both 2018 and 2019 and a 

                    $150 honorable mention awarded in 2017)

  • Winner of the $1,000 first-place prize at the Team Carleton StateFarm Film Screening in 2017 for short documentary work

  • Multiple short documentary works have aired both nationally and locally on live television including PBS and C-SPAN​

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