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A Very Serious Gummy-Based Comedy

Sci-Fi Comedy, 16mm, 2022, 60 mins.

Produced independently and shot quasi-guerilla in the slim and stylized apartments and alleyways of Savannah, Georgia, Gotcha Gummies is the upcoming feature from the Kubasta Society.

The film revolves around a gummy-loving man named Sai whose insatiable urge for gummies causes him to consume an alarming number of melatonin jellies and experience a deep, unnatural temporal phenomenon that sends him back in time and jeopardizes the spacetime continuum. Using their dishwasher, three determined buddies (Brian, Jackson, & Jason) must embark on a time-traveling adventure to save him. If you find any of this to be ridiculous, you'd be sorely mistaken. It's deathly momentous and surely no laughing matter.

Loosely based on our friend Sai’s real-life obsession with gelatine candy, Gummies is an absurdly comedic science-fiction adventure tale set within a strictly serious framework.

View our IndieGoGo video for more information including test footage, behind-the-scenes video, and testimonials from the cast and crew!


A Film By

Director: Jason Ronan
Producer: Jackson Cropper
Written by: Jason Ronan & Jackson Cropper
DP: Isaac King
Editor: Jason Ronan


Sai Mawalla



Brian Huetteman


000006270004 2.JPEG

Jackson Cropper


000006270008 2.JPEG

Jason Ronan




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