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No Acorns For A Blind Hog

Social Drama/Comedy, 16mm, 2023, 15 mins.

Set within the last hour of New Year's Eve 1978, No Acorns for a Blind Hog centers around a postage meter salesman, Jerome, who seeks solitude from the demands of the festivities by ordering beer in a rural North Texas dive bar. Depressed by the state of his business and looming economic hardships, he soon becomes agitated by the newly sworn-in and ever-so-pompous Officer Darrell. Through a series of pointed idioms and conversational microaggressions, Jerome finds his measly success relentlessly pitted against Darrell's, leading to brash provocation and humiliation. Somewhere deep within this humorous portrayal of middle-class strife and rooted Americana lies hidden wounds of repressed emotion and bruised masculinity.

Currently entering the film festival circuit in Fall 2023



A down-on-his-luck postage meter salesman, upset by the failing state of his business. When at the bar, he is apprehensive of any human interaction.

Jerome is played by Jonathan Lorentzen.


A conceited family man, riding the high of securing a new job, parades himself as a recently sworn-in police officer. When at the bar, he boasts of his status as a lawman and antagonizes Jerome by poking at his insecurities.

Darrell is played by Joey Preston.


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A Film By

Writer/Director: Jackson Cropper

Producer: Ashton Whitman & Sarah Layton

DP: Isaac King
Editor: Alia Toorani


Currently entering the film festival circuit in Fall 2023

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