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No Acorns For A Blind Hog

Social Drama/Comedy, 16mm, 2023, 15 mins.

Set within the last hour of New Year's Eve 1978, No Acorns for a Blind Hog centers around a blue-collar postage meter salesman, Jerome, who seeks solitude from the demands of the festivities by ordering beer in a rural North Texas dive bar. Depressed by the state of his business and looming economic hardships, he soon becomes agitated by the newly sworn-in and ever-so-pompous Officer Darrell. Through a series of pointed idioms and conversational microaggressions, Jerome finds his measly success relentlessly pitted against Darrell's, leading to brash provocation and humiliation. Somewhere deep within this humorous portrayal of middle-class strife and rooted Americana lies hidden wounds of repressed emotion and bruised masculinity.

A SCAD Senior thesis film. Currently in pre-production and scheduled to shoot in February 2023.

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Artist Statement

I've found that a key theme throughout my art is a particular fondness for place. Born and raised in Oklahoma, I gravitate towards stories that reflect mid-America in vivid, human detail and highlight the mythos of Americana. 

In No Acorns for a Blind Hog, I’d like to focus on an archetype rooted in my mid-American headcanon; inspired by my grandparents and great-uncles who grew up poor in Northwest Arkansas, the film is an exaggerated reflection on this specific way of life (rural, working class, struggling, colorful) and how these people deal with failure, comparison, and perception amidst a culture that doesn’t prepare them to do so.




A down-on-his-luck blue-collar postage meter salesman, upset by the failing state of his business. When at the bar, he is apprehensive of any human interaction.



A conceited family man, riding the high of securing a new job, parades himself as a recently sworn-in police officer. When at the bar, he boasts of his status as a lawman and antagonizes Jerome by poking at his insecurities.

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