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Forsythia Dew

Historical Drama, Digital, 2022, 7 mins.

Set in the transitional period between depression-era prohibition and regional moonshine distillery legalization, a professional moonshiner, Pops, struggles to come to terms with his inevitable retirement. In an effort to produce his last run of liquor, he drags his reluctant teenage grandson, Silas, deep within the lush scenery of Georgia's Coastal Empire hoping he can pass down the art of brewing to the next generation.

With Forsythia Dew I’ve set out to create a vivid and colorful story that represents the culture and history of the American South in an authentic and meaningful way. Specifically, I want to use eccentric and complex characters to portray an often misunderstood sect of Southern lifestyle and the subtle erosion of its culture.

Written and Directed by Jackson Cropper

Produced and Edited by Alia Toorani

Cinematography by Amelia Ray


Alan Wenzel



Jason Ronan


Good Morning, Be Careful!

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